Useful Wallace Resources

There are a growing number of useful resources relating to Alfred Russel Wallace which are emerging. In particular, the centenary of his death in 2013 saw a significant growth. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Wallace Letters Online: This is the excellent site, organised by the Wallace Correspondence Project at the Natural History Museum with George Beccaloni as editor, which is looking to digitise all of Wallace’s extant correspondence. It is utilising crowdsourcing/citizen history to transcribe the 4,000+ letters already known. The text search facility makes it–even at this early stage–an invaluable resource not just for Alfred Russel Wallace scholars but anyone interested in the history of science, history of biology, nineteenth-century political, social and cultural history (both in the UK and USA) and more besides. Well worth a browse no matter what your subject area.
  • Alfred Russel Wallace Page: An award-winning site created and edited by Wallace scholar Charles Smith dedicated to transcribing and digitising all of Wallace’s publications no matter how small. It is an incredible resource again for anyone interested in nineteenth and early-twentieth century history. Currently it does not provide a lot of Wallace’s books but this is slowly but surely changing.
  • Wallace Online: Whereas the Alfred Russel Wallace Page above may contain all the known shorter pieces of Wallace’s corpus, Wallace Online–which is edited by John van Wyhe–includes Wallace’s books as well. The search facility is pretty clunky at present and there are numerous transcribing errors. Over time I am sure this will improve. But it is another invaluable resource.

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