6 Expat academics talk of their experiences in globalised higher education job market

As I begin to approach the end of my PhD  I, like so many others, have to start thinking about jobs once again. As a result, you end up attending a huge number of sessions on post-PhD life.

Some are, of course, not very helpful other are very helpful indeed (for example, see my notes on the HistoryLab event on “Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane: Life After the PhD“). One of the things that is often mentioned is the internationalisation or globalisation of Higher education. However, in the most part, we don’t get to hear experiences of this “from the horses mouth”. Inevitably most who could offer advice are abroad and unlikely to think it worthwhile to travel to the UK to give a simple talk on their experiences. (more…)


BSHS Masters Bursaries: Four awards for £4,000 available for History of Science Students

The British Society for the History of Science has announced that they have opened the competition for four bursaries they have for masters students in the History of Science. The deadline is 30 June 2014.

The bursaries are worth £4,000 each and are available for students who are starting their Masters programme this academic year coming (i.e. 2014/15). The details are:

Applicants must have a confirmed place on a master’s programme in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. Those studying for research-based master’s degrees are eligible to apply, but not PhD students nominally registered for MPhil (or similar) provisionally pending upgrade to PhD registration. There is no nationality requirement for applicants, or an age limit. Non-members of the Society are welcome to apply.

Although they say that non-members are welcome to apply, I would strongly encourage anyone to join the society. It is an extremely active society and publishes the British Journal for the History of Science.* That being said, if you’re successful you get a year’s membership bundled in too as well as free registration to the BSHS Postgraduate Conference.

More details on how to apply can be found on the BSHS website. Good luck to anyone who is applying.


*See my posts on my book reviews published in the BJHS for June and December 2013